Who We Are

 Woy Woy Little Theatre is a non profit community theatre group. Our aim is to bring a diverse program of plays to the community.

Our company was established in 1962 and is run by a passionate group of actors and theatre lovers.

Our 2017 Executive Committee is made up of the following:

President: Christine Vale,  Vice President: Andrew Thomson,  Secretary: Chris Cherry,  Treasurer: Penny Dilworth,  Operations Manager: Fran Armstrong,  Marketing Manager: Graham Vale, Front of House: Kaye Walker,  Social Secretary: Jan Grounds, Technical Manager: Lloyd Grounds

We are the resident theatre company at the Peninsula Theatre, a 124 seat community based theatre owned by Central Coast Council and located on the corner of McMasters and Ocean Beach Roads, Woy Woy, where we present a season of four plays each year.

Would you like to learn more about WWLT?

Woy Woy Little Theatre is a great place to hone your craft and to learn about theatre productions. Whether your dream is to dazzle an audience on stage or to work behind the scenes as a stage manager, lighting designer, sound technician, costume coordinator or director we would like to hear from you.  A lack of experience is no barrier – enthusiasm is all you need.  If you feel involvement with community theatre is something you could get passionate about, contact us now!

Our Annual General Meeting is held on the second Monday in February from 7.30pm at the Peninsula Theatre, Woy Woy.

You must be financial for at least one calendar month to cast a vote.

Try before you buy - But when you "buy", it'll be the best $10 you'll ever spend!

Monthly Play Readings

Play Readings are held monthly - you can just sit and listen or have a turn at reading a part in a play for possible inclusion in our subscription series. These play readings are held on the last Monday of each month in the foyer of the Peninsula Theatre at 7.30pm.


Auditions and calls for a backstage team of volunteers are published in the members’ monthly newsletter, as well as on this website.  You’ll be made welcome.

Set Construction

When production time is near we hold working bees, where a dedicated group of members help to construct, paint, sew, or whatever needs to be done to get the set to stage.  Next on the list is the “bump in” where we put the set in place on stage at the Peninsula Theatre. This can be a full week-ends work and the more helpers we have, the faster the task is completed.  Everybody has some unique talent that they can offer, so get involved – we’re a friendly bunch – we also provide lunch for our set-building volunteers.

Join our Social Network!

You can contact us by phone (4344 4737 - leave a message after the beep), e-mail wwltsecretary [at] woywoylt [dot] com [dot] au or Facebook.

Or boxoffice [at] woywoylt [dot] com [dot] au (subject: Please%20add%20me%20to%20your%20mailing%20list) (register your e-mail address with us) and we’ll send you a reminder of each new show 2 weeks prior to opening night. 

When you join our WWLT Social Network you’ll always be in touch.