November 1990 saw the production of Alan Ayckbourn‘s comedy A Chorus of Disapproval
directed by Barbara Hickey. This show is another play within a play being about an amateur operatic company in rehearsal for the Beggar’s Opera.

According to research undertaken by Stephen Cummings for the book The Little Theatre That Roared, news reports stated that “Principals John Hickey and Terry Lay have been attracting much praise for their excellent work… as has female lead Jill Jay, who stepped into the role late in rehearsals and makes a delightful Hannah. Superb supporting performances are given by such fine actors as Alan & Hilda Bird, Sharyn Bailye and Penny Dilworth.”

Other cast members included Kim King, John Hogan, Terry Cowley, Bill Haydon, Duncan Lay, Ilona Horvat and Steve Mason.

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