The Anniversary

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The Anniversary
by Bill Mcilwraith, directed by John Hickey
The black comedy The Anniversary – programmed for October/November 2017 - is probably one of the best plays featuring a dysfunctional family. Set in London in 1966, Tom brings his pregnant fiancée Shirley home for the annual wedding anniversary ritual orchestrated by his widowed, scalpel-tongued, deviously possessive mother. Mum’s arsenal of bitchy comments and Machiavellian stratagems is a creation of darkly glittering and consistently funny play.

There is a cast of six, including:
• Mrs. Taggart - mother
• Henry Taggart - son
• Terry Taggart - son
• Tom Taggart - son
• Karen Taggart – daughter-in-law, Terry’s wife 
• Shirley Blair - Tom's fiancée.

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