Dinkum Assorted

Wine tasting water mark


Written by Linda Aronson

Directed by Fran Kendall

During the winter of 1942, with the world at war and the nation facing invasion from the Japanese, in the remote North Queensland town of Warrabadanga the fifteen female workers at the Dinkum Biscuit Factory are battling to keep the biscuits baking.

For these ordinary Aussie women in a town devoid of men, life is challenging. Not only are they fighting to save the factory from being sold for scrap, they’re running a ‘Mum’s Army’ Civil Defence Unit, putting on a show for the ‘War Effort’ – and coping with the sudden arrival of two thousand American airmen who’ve been stationed just outside town.

This poignant, uproariously funny human comedy about a group of women striving for personal and professional freedom against the backdrop of a changing world serves up a slice of Australian social history with laughter, tears, songs and Rita, the regimental goat!

Auditions on Dec 7 & 9 at the Peninsula Theatre Woy Woy. (See 'Auditions' listing)

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