Humble Boy

Wine tasting water mark

Written by Charlotte Jones

Directed by Annie Bilton

Glorious midsummer in a beautiful corner of England in 1999. The garden is bright with flowers, and abuzz with the sound of bees.  Or was.  Back home for the funeral of his biologist father, Felix Humble (played by Keith Conway) is shocked to discover that his father’s beloved bees have been abducted.  Worse still, his glamorous mother Flora (Yvonne Berry Porter-Larimore) is poised to remarry even before the funeral nibbles have reached room temperature.

Felix, a brilliant but socially inept astrophysicist at Cambridge University,  is sunk in a black hole.  His research into the Theory of Everything has stalled. Fear of failure stalks him (as does his ex-lover Rosie) and his only salvation lies in solving the chaos of his own life.

Featuring Yvonne Berry Porter-Larimore as Flora, Keith Conway as Felix, Greg Buist as George, Sierra Phillips as Rosie, Terry Collins as Mercy and Paul Russell as Jim.

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