A Baker's Dozen about Rumors

In A Baker's Dozen this time, we throw a few curlies at Shea Wicks, director of the next Woy Woy Little Theatre production at the Peninsula Theatre at Woy Woy, Neil Simon's Rumors.

Q1:  What first drew you to live theatre?
A1:   The fun I had as a 9 year old appearing as the Wicked Witch in a school operetta.

Q2:  You’ve been seen on the Woy Woy Little Theatre stage in Breaking Legs, Lovers at Versailles and Dinkum Assorted – what other acting experience have you?
A2:  Theatre restaurant Revues in Sydney, Same Time, Next Year, Steel Magnolias, Stepping Out , 84 Charing Cross Rd., How the Other Half Loves, Wild Goose Chase (don’t ask) as well as the obligatory pantomimes.

Q3:  How experienced are you as a director?
A2:  I’ve directed many plays, but really enjoyed Lend Me a Tenor, for which I won a Best Director Award.

Q3:  What do you look for when choosing a play to direct?
A3:   I love comedy and farce, so the play must have great comedic characters and clever dialogue.

Q4:   Neil Simon plays seem to be a favourite of yours?
A4:   Yes he is. I love the way his characters and plot lines reflect people and situations we can easily relate to with great humour.  He approaches even sensitive subject matter with a wicked twist.

Q5: You and your husband ran your own theatre company in Coffs Harbour for several years. What shows did you produce?
A5:  Wow, so many. Most memorable are: Same Time, Next Year, 84 Charing Cross Rd, Stepping Out, I Do, I Do, Mass Appeal, An Evening of Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Odd Couple, Lend Me a Tenor and a few more – we made a profit with every show – and learnt so much as we went along. We also produced Same Time Next Year at Laycock Street Community Theatre with Nick Byrne and Natasha Curnow in 2001.

Q6:  Have you a personal favourite from those shows?
A6:  Same Time, Next Year . David proposed to me during rehearsals!

Q7:   When auditioning for a forthcoming show, what do you look for as a director?
A7:   Definitely the actors ability to see the humour in the script. No matter how well a script is written, the lines have to be delivered with good timing and inflection to produce a great show.

Q8:   What calibre of cast have you for Neil Simon’s Rumors?
A8:    I’ve been very fortunate in putting together a fabulous ensemble. The cast work so well together, with everyone delivering a great performance.

Q9:   What’s the plot of this show?
A9:   Friends gather to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary of Charlie and Myra. Unfortunately, something happens that could cause a scandal, so Ken and Chris, who arrive first, invent a story. It gets bigger and stranger as each couple arrive, until all eight guests are left wondering just what really happened. Where are the staff and just who is Harold Green?

Q10: Why should I spend $30 to buy a ticket to see Neil Simon’s Rumors at the Peninsula Theatre?
A10: It’s cheaper than a movie ticket, popcorn and choc top, and who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh?

Q11: Tell me your three favourite plays or musicals – and why?
A11:  Into The Woods (musical) because of Steven Sondheim’s incredible lyrics, My Fair Lady, as it was the first live show I saw, Les Miserables because of the raw emotion is displays.

Q12:  Favourite actors/actresses?
A12:  Robyn Nevin, Michelle Doake, Daniel Mitchell.

Q13: What happens to Shea Wicks when Rumors comes to an end?
A13:  I’ll probably be able to sleep better!  We’ll have to wait and see.

Neil Simon’s Rumors opens at the Peninsula Theatre at Woy Woy on Friday night May 26 and runs for ten performances over three weekends. Book your tickets on this website.


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