Agatha Christie Comes to WWLT

and will take place on Friday October 13th,
at Little Paddocks at 6.30pm.

What? Murder? Who’s invited? “Central Coast audiences are invited,” said the director of Woy Woy Little Theatre’s next production, Christine Vale. “They can follow the twists and turns in the classic Agatha Christie mystery, A Murder is Announced.

Set in the village of Clipping Cleghorn, residents and curious guests gather at Little Paddocks, the home of the welcoming spinster, Miss Letitia Blacklock, played by Judi Jones. Enter Miss Marple, one of Christie’s favourite amateur detectives, who helps unravel the mystery. “Playing the role of Miss Marple in our production, is Fran Kendall, a ‘doyen’ of Central Coast theatre. She just brings Miss Marple to life, with her subtle probing of every character, and ever-curious attention to detail,” said Ms Vale.

“What is so clever about an Agatha Christie mystery is that nearly everyone seems to have a motive to be the murderer,” said Ms Kendall.  “It is my job to unravel the mystery. But, being considered a bit of a dithery little-old-lady, the local constabulary, played so well by Mike Jeffries, thinks I’m getting in the way of ‘real policing’”.

“Agatha Christie mysteries enthral audiences,” said Ms Vale. “There is a very good reason. Christie has a way of weaving a storyline that keeps the audiences guessing ‘who done it?’ all the way through.”

A Murder is Announced will be performed at The Peninsula Theatre, Woy Woy, It opens in Friday 11 August for 3 weekends. Book online at or phone 4344 4737.

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